set of bath bombs
Mini Bath Bombs - Boxed Set of 3
flower bath tea

Mini Bath Bombs - Boxed Set of 3

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Enjoy 3 all natural mini bath bombs packaged individually in a box. 

  • Mess free - will not stain your bath tub.
  • Rich & moisturizing
  • Handmade in TX.

Wild Rose : Made with rose clay, rose petals and 5 rich oil blend.

Flower Tea : Geranium and orange essential oil.

Direction & Tips :

  • unwrap your bath bomb. We shrink-wrap our bath bombs to maintain freshness.
  • fill your bathtub at least 3/4 full with warm water
  • place your bath bomb in the water
  • enjoy the fizzing bubbles, the scent, color, and extra moisturizing butter and oils.
  • relax, breathe, calm down…
  • when you are done, rinse your tub with water.
  • now it is time to plan your next bath!