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Milkhouse Limited Edition Soy Candle

Milkhouse Limited Edition Soy Candle

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Limited edition soy candle from Milkhouse is made of premium fragrance and double wick. 13oz

We produce all-natural candles that are 100% paraffin-free. The Milkhouse blend of
waxes is simple: All-natural waxes, no paraffin, no parabens, no phthalates. This ensures a safe and clean-burning alternative to traditional paraffin candles.

Scent Details: 

Tropical Fusion: A sweet and fruity burst of mango, orange and guava finish with the tart note of grapefruit and lingering eucalyptus.

Sage & Citrus: Earthy and herbal notes meld with notes of lime and bergamot for a fresh and clean finish.

Magnolia Breeze: A soft southern breeze blows in the intoxicating notes of freshly bloomed magnolias with just a kiss of citrus.

Lakeside Cabin: Notes of evergreens and fresh citrus dance through the forest while watching the sun rise from the front porch of the cabin that is nestled next to a crystal-clear mountain lake.

Crisp Apple: A bushel basket full of sweet and juicy red apples just picked at the orchard.

Cookies & Milk: Freshly baked vanilla sugar cookies with a swirl of creamy and sweet frosting chased with a glass of cold milk.

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