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Sandia Soap - Handmade All Natural - 6 Oz

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The long-lasting, silly, beautiful handmade bar soap from New Mexico. 

Size : 6Oz

  • Silver City Frankincense : This musky fellow is loved by all.   The richer flavored brother to Sandalwood.
  • Madrid Moondance: Citrus never had it so good. This bar dances with the locals under the full moon.
  • Ojo Caliente: This bar was inspired by the hot springs at Ojo Caliente.   A light balsam fir blended with apple and pear. Come and enjoy the warm water.
  • Pueblo Lavender: The queen of all scents. A beautiful bar wrapped in a beautiful scent.
  • Jemez Morning: Pooh had his hundred acre woods, New Mexicans have their Jemez Springs. Come and enjoy a forest scented morning. Number one bar for since the company started, the King of the company.
  • Pojque sun: The princess of cirtus, even though it is a grass. This one takes me back to my mother's kitchen, leaning back on a chair near the window, inhaling the warm, scented summer breeze.

Ingredients:  saponified palm kernel, palm, olive and soybean oil with lime/lemongrass essential oil and cosmetic grade colorant.

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