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Shower Steamers Pack of 3

Shower Steamers Pack of 3

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Shower steamers are the perfect way to reap the benefits of aromatherapy while enjoying a quick shower.

Breathe & Release : The steamers are scented with eucalyptus and mint pure essential oils.

Relax & focus : The steamers are scented with lavender and mint pure essential oils.

Uplift & Energy : are scented with sweet orange, bergamot, and mint essential oils.

Included in the box are three individually wrapped 3oz steamer cubes.

Direction : To enjoy your shower steamer:

  • unwrap your shower steamer. they are individually shrink wrapped to maintain freshness.
  • place the cube onto your shower floor, where it gets wet but is not in the main water stream.
  • as it fizzes, the aroma is released into the shower.
  • relax, breathe, calm down…

Handmade in TX. 100% Essential oil. 

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