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Soaking Bath Salts - Fiorella Soapery

Soaking Bath Salts - Fiorella Soapery

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Fiorella uses the highest quality Mediterranean sea salt that has been harvested directly from the sea and baked in natural sunlight. Minimal processing is how we like it!

  • Lavender : Lavender is always a good idea to add to your bath especially at night. If you need a boost of relaxation these lavender salts will sooth your body, mind, and spirit. If you like bubbles in your bath we suggest paring these salts with a bath bomb or bubble bar for the ultimate bath experience.
  • Blush + Peony : Blush + Peony was one of our top scents. This smells just like the real thing and we are pretty confident it will become one of your new faves.  
  • Wanderlust : Wanderlust is a blend of coconut, shea blossom and a desire to travel too far off places. We love exploring new places and getting inspired by different cultures and this scent reminds us to always be open to new adventures.

  • Ingredients: Mediterranean sea salt, fragrance, mica.

  • Size 6 Oz

To use: toss a tablespoon up to a small handful of salts into warm bath water and soak away the day! We say our 6 oz. bottle is good for 3-5 baths.

Made in United State

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