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Celebrate You! Cheers with an Awesome Coaster

At JNJ Gifts and More, we believe in celebrating every moment with our cherished customers. We're thrilled to share our latest token of gratitude, the 'You are Awesome' coasters – a small yet meaningful gift to remind you of how valued you are.

You are awesome - thank you for supporting JNJ Gifts and More

Why 'You are Awesome' Coasters?
In our journey of serving both individuals and corporate clients with personalized, hand-crafted gift boxes, we've recognized the importance of mindfulness and positive affirmations. These coasters aren’t just a practical item for your home or office but a daily reminder of your awesomeness.

Mental Health Matters: In today's fast-paced world, mental health takes a hit. We juggle stress, anxieties, and self-doubt. Words of affirmation, however small, can have a profound impact. A simple "You are awesome" can shift perspective, lift a mood, and offer a gentle pat on the back, reminding someone of their inherent worth. Every time someone uses your coaster, it's a chance to combat negativity with a dose of positivity.

The Power of Kindness: Saying "You are awesome" isn't just about self-affirmation. It's about spreading kindness, a ripple effect that fosters stronger connections and a more positive environment. It's a way to acknowledge someone's efforts, talents, or simply their existence. Imagine the warmth that would spread if everyone received a daily dose of "awesomeness" from a coaster!

A Huge Hit Among Our Customers
The response has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s heartwarming to see how a simple coaster can bring a smile and a moment of self-appreciation to our customers' daily lives. We've heard wonderful stories of these coasters brightening up spaces and conversations, and that's exactly what we hoped for. Mostly everyone who received this coaster asked us to include in our gift box.

Now we are working with our local artist to bring this design to more permanent coaster. Visit our website in few weeks :)

Gift box for mental heath and gratitude

More Than Just a Gift
These coasters are a representation of our commitment to adding a personal touch to every interaction. We understand that it's the little things that often make a big difference. By choosing to include these coasters in our offerings, we want to reinforce our belief in the uniqueness and value of every customer.

For those interested in the craftsmanship behind these custom coasters, we invite you to visit Sticker Mule's website.  Their quality and customer service is great, so we will be using them for our personalized custom design gift boxes for our clients. 

Remember, You Are Awesome! 

Keep an eye out for more creative and thoughtful products coming your way on our website! We're also excited to explore collaborating with Sticker Mule's vast range of customizable options. Together, we'll continue creating gift boxes that go beyond the material – experiences that resonate, inspire, and bring joy.
As we continue our journey, adapting from a brick-and-mortar store to a predominantly online model focused on corporate clients, we remain dedicated to personalizing your experience. 

Stay Awesome, Stay Tuned!

Visit our website to discover more awesome offerings!

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