Corporate Gift

  • Premium Quality

    Premium Quality

    We source the finest products and ensure top-notch quality for every gift set we curate.

  • Customized Gifting

    Customized Gifting

    Every gift box is tailored to your brand and messaging.

  • Local & Ethical Sourcing

    Local & Ethical Sourcing

    We source from local artisans and small businesses across the US.

  • Sustainable Practices

    Sustainable Practices

    We use eco-friendly packaging and carbon-neutral shipping.

  • Timely Delivery

    Timely Delivery

    Timely delivery for all orders, ensuring your gifts arrive when they matter the most.

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Hear from our satisfied clients who've experienced the magic of JNJ Gifts and More.

Testimonials : What Our Clients Say

LinkedIn : Megan, WPS

Jerina - and JNJ Gifts - is exceptional! I worked with her once and was so pleased I have been coming back time and again. She listens, is thoughtful & creative, and provides AMAZING customer service!

I can't recommend Jerina enough when it comes to corporate gift boxing. We received so many compliments due to her attention to detail, top-notch sourcing of products, and impeccable packaging. Not a detail was missed. You can't go wrong with utilizing Jerina for your next gifting project!

LinkedIn: Rose, EZ Office

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Jerina Vincent and her company, JNJ Gifts. What is so incredible about her company and online store is that she has something for every occasion. So much better than Etsy or Pinterest. Even better, Jerina is happy to help over the phone with perfect and unique ideas. Whether a corporate gift, baby shower, birthday, anniversary, retirement, or any special occasion she comes up with exactly what you will be looking for. Your recipient will consider you so thoughtful. HIGHLY recommend!

Email: Alisa, Foundations SCC

They are so beautifully wrapped! Thank you for putting so much thought into them! I am excited to give them to staff at our retreat! 

Email: Kim, Hurtado Zimmerman

Your website is well illustrated with pictures of the boxes you are offering and it is easy to use.  There is a good variety of items and price ranges.  The items are of good quality and interesting mixes of products/themes.  We really appreciated that you would address and mail the boxes for us – a huge time savings for my small staff.

Email: Sara, Madison Festivals

I wanted to share this email with you that I just received from one of the recipients of the gift box you made. She also left me a voicemail gushing about how much she loved the gift box. She specifically mentioned the card you included that told about each item.

 Thank you for helping me make my clients feel loved!

"Thank you so, so much from the bottom of my heart! I just opened the beautiful gift you sent and I think it’s the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever received. What an absolutely wonderful gift, I am so appreciative  I hope you and your family have the best holiday and soak up the togetherness and laughs  Thank you again, and have a very Merry Christmas! "

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Elevate Your Business Relationships

Experience the distinction of custom-branded gift boxes, meticulously handcrafted to resonate with your brand's ethos. Dive into a world of practical and memorable gifts, each tailored to meet your unique business requirements.

Whether it's expressing gratitude, commemorating milestones, or simply appreciating a client, strengthen your connections with our curated gifts. Proudly based in Wisconsin, we extend our services nationwide, ensuring every corporate relationship feels special.

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Case Study : Incentive Gift Box

Designing the Perfect Garden-Themed Gift Box

Incentive gifts can significantly motivate sales agents. Dive into this case study to discover how we crafted a garden-themed gift box tailored to our client's needs, offering five unique options. The chosen "Save the Bee" box was a hit, emphasizing the importance of bee conservation.

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Case Study : Realtor Client

Realtor Client - Strengthening Relationships Through Gifting

Building and maintaining strong client relationships is vital for realtors. Explore how Kelli, a Wisconsin realtor, collaborated with JNJ Gifts to create a family-themed gift box for her past clients. The outcome? Renewed connections, client gratitude, and new referrals.

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Let's Create Your Gifts, Connect With Us!

Bulk Gifting Process

Initial Meeting

  • During the initial meeting, we prioritize understanding the client's requirements and gathering every relevant detail.    
  • We engage in a comprehensive conversation to: Gain insights into the client's vision and goals, ensuring we capture their intentions effectively.
  • Determine the purpose and desired outcome of the gifts, whether it's to foster employee engagement, strengthen client relationships, or promote the brand.
  • Collect specific information, such as the occasion, recipient demographics, budget constraints, and preferred delivery timeline.
  • Discuss themes, personalization options, and any specific branding or messaging requirements.


  • The designing phase is critical in bringing the client's vision to life.  
  • We collaborate with our suppliers and graphic designers to: Source products that align with the client's brand values and desired outcomes.
  • Work closely with our graphic designer to design custom gift boxes that reflect the client's aesthetic preferences and brand identity.
  • Present the client with three design options digitally, ensuring their creative input and satisfaction.
  • Iterate and refine the design based on client feedback until the final design is approved.


  • Once the client selects a preferred gift box design, we initiate the sourcing process.   
  • This involves: Collecting payment from the client to secure the order.
  • Procuring the selected products from our trusted suppliers, considering factors such as quality, sustainability, and alignment with the client's brand values.
  • Acknowledging that sourcing timelines may vary (2-8 weeks) based on order quantity and availability, particularly when working with small-batch makers.
  • Ordering necessary shipping supplies, such as outer boxes, gift boxes, crinkle paper, and packing materials.

Packing & Shipping

  • Efficient shipping and delivery are key to ensuring a seamless gifting experience.  
  • Our shipping process involves: Gathering complete recipient details and any additional instructions required for proper packaging and delivery. 
  • Beautifully packing the orders, ensuring the utmost care and attention to detail. 
  • Coordinating with our shipping company to monitor the packages' progress and ensuring on-time delivery.
  • Taking responsibility for any shipping or transit damage issues and promptly resolving them, including reshipping orders if necessary.