Designing the Perfect Garden-Themed Incentive Gift Box: A Case Study

Designing the Perfect Garden-Themed Incentive Gift Box: A Case Study

Incentive gifts are an excellent way to motivate sales agents, and with a well-designed gift box, the impact can be even more significant. In this case study, we will discuss how our client asked us to come up with a garden-themed box with a variety of items. We created five different options for the client, but they ultimately went with the "Save the Bee" box. Let's explore each option in more detail and how we designed them to meet our client's needs.

Option 1: Garden Tools

Our first option was a garden tool kit, which included a shovel, hand rake, garden mat, and spring bulbs. We designed this kit to meet our client's requirements and provide everything their sales agents needed for a successful garden. The garden mat would protect their knees while planting, the shovel and rake for digging and preparing soil, and the bulbs for beautiful springtime blooms.

Garden Tools - Gift boxKitchen garden

Option 2: Kitchen Garden

The second option we proposed was a kitchen garden-themed box that included a growing herb handbook, kitchen herb seed set, garden marker stick set, pull & pinch herb dish, and herb snipper. This kit was perfect for those who loved cooking and wanted to use fresh herbs in their meals. We included a guidebook for growing herbs, seed set for popular kitchen herbs, and tools to help harvest and prepare herbs.

Option 3: Planet Earth Eco-Friendly

Our third option was an eco-friendly kit with a planet Earth theme. It included a handmade soap, tree kit, bamboo cutlery set, beeswax food wrap set, and reusable market bag. We designed this kit to promote sustainable living and support small businesses. The handmade soap and beeswax food wrap set were excellent alternatives to plastic products, and the tree kit and reusable market bag encouraged planting and reducing waste.

Planet Earth Gifts Save the bees

Option 4: Save the Bee

Our fourth option, the Save the Bee kit, was the one chosen by our client. It included a bee home, pollinator seed mix, honey bee caramels, and a handmade wooden sign with the message "Just Bee Yourself." This kit was designed to promote bee conservation and encourage pollinator-friendly gardening. We included everything needed to attract and support bees, from the bee home to the pollinator seed mix.

Option 5: Herb Garden

Our fifth option was an herb garden kit that included a culinary herb seed pack of five popular herbs, honey butter candies, a growing herb handbook, 4oz soil bag for seed starter, seed starter pots, and a soil scooper. We designed this kit to be perfect for those who had limited space for gardening, as the herbs could be grown indoors in small pots. We included a guidebook for growing herbs, seed set for popular herbs, and tools to help with planting and preparing soil.

Herb garden


In conclusion, we designed five different gift box options for our client, each with a garden theme and specific items to meet their needs. While our client ultimately went with the "Save the Bee" kit. Whether it's promoting sustainable living, encouraging herb gardening, or supporting bee conservation, we made sure to design each kit with a specific purpose in mind. By offering a variety of options, our client was able to choose the gift box that best met their needs and provide a thoughtful gift to their sales agents.

We even went above what they asked and packed the gift in furoshiki style.

Furoshiki style wrapping

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