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The Flagrant Virtual Staff Magic Event Case Study

At JNJ Gifts and More, we had the unique opportunity to contribute to such an experience for Flagrant, a local company looking to infuse their virtual staff event with memorable moments and personalized touches. This case study explores how we crafted custom gift boxes that not only met but exceeded our client's expectations, creating an event that was truly magical.

Case study for virtual event gift box

The Challenge :

Flagrant wanted to ensure their "Holiday Recharge" event was not just another meeting but a celebration that would leave their staff feeling valued and connected. The main challenges were to design a gift that would complement the event's magic show theme, cater to dietary restrictions, and ensure timely delivery to each participant's doorstep.

Our Solution:
Understanding the importance of detail in creating an immersive experience, we worked closely with Flagrant to design a custom gift box that would align with the event's magical theme. The centerpiece of our solution was custom coasters, designed exclusively for Flagrant, to add a personal touch that each employee could keep long after the event. To cater to the inclusivity of the staff's dietary needs, we included a selection of gourmet treats that were both gluten-free and nut-free, ensuring everyone could enjoy without hesitation.

four style custom coaster

heartfelt review

The Result
The feedback from Flagrant was overwhelmingly positive. The personalized touches, from the custom coasters to the dietary-conscious treat boxes, were met with appreciation and smiles. The magic trick surprise was a hit, adding an unexpected layer of engagement to the virtual event. Our client expressed their gratitude with the following words:

"From personalized touches with custom coasters to helping us with a suspenseful magic trick, JNJ Gifts helped make our Flagrant Holiday Recharge event absolutely magical 🪄. Thank you, Jerina, for your heart and care - working with you was an absolute pleasure!🎁✨"

employee review

This project with Flagrant underscored our commitment to creating personalized and thoughtful gift solutions that resonate with our clients' unique needs and event themes. At JNJ Gifts and More, we believe that even in a virtual setting, the right elements can bridge the gap between screens, bringing magic and connection to every event. Our journey with Flagrant was a testament to how creativity, personalization, and attention to detail can transform any occasion into an unforgettable experience.

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