The Giving Jar - Shop For A Cause Project

 The Giving Jar Project

"The Giving Jar" Project

Donated :

  • $280 to Madison essentials

  • $300 to community member during difficult time

  • $250 to Badger prairie food pantry



We love to keep the giving jar project for 2021!

We are giving back by donating a percentage of our sales to our community. 

We believe that gifting makes people happy. With all fallout from COVID-19, many individuals losing jobs. At JNJ Craftworks, we want to support a family in need for the 2020 holiday season. So, we have started the "Giving Jar" project.

Starting on July 1st, we will add a percentage of our sales to the Giving Jar. Before Christmas, we will donate the collected funds to Badger Prairie Food Pantry or nominate someone to brighten someone's holiday.

You can help us join the fun giving back by watching the fund grow every day!

With each gift you buy from us, you can feel GOOD knowing that it supports many (our artist and the giving jar) and not just us. 

 "The Gifting Jar"

Once we started our giving jar, we received many messages from our customers that they want to donate. So, we started The Gifting Jar for you. You can give gift cards, money, or product. Along with our giving jar, this gifting jar, which is donated by you, goes directly to our community. 

Any questions regarding the giving jar or gifting jar, please contact Jerina directly. Want to see the jar-growing? Stop in and see for yourself.

Let's join hands and support many for this holiday!

Happy Giving!

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