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A Trillion Cliches Every Dad Will Do Prompted Journal

A Trillion Cliches Every Dad Will Do Prompted Journal

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Think of it as an entertaining way to take inventory of your (or your dad’s) life. As it turns out, becoming a father is the permission slip every guy is waiting for. Like some kind of embarrassing magic, they’re instantly emboldened to do the countless weird things that they’ve always wanted to do. Pro-tip: fill it out this prompted journal for your own dad before you give it to them. They’ll be so proud of you.

• Features 200 unique pages filled with the countless cliches that every dad inevitably does.

• Example: Wore black socks with sandals exclusively for an entire beach vacation? Great. Write about the experience and move on to the next one.

• Includes space throughout to journal about some of your favorites.

• Book measures 4.5"" wide by 8.5"" tall.

Father's day gift!

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