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Butter Balm

Butter Balm

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Inspired by babies and mamas, this product is safe for use in all ages. This unscented Butter Balm is the perfect all-purpose balm to use from your head to your toes, on your baby to your toddler, your growing belly bump to your grandma's dry + cracked hands, and so much more.

Safe for all skin types, this oh-so-gentle balm glides right onto your skin like butter.

Rich in Omega's and high in Vitamin's A, D, E and K, this ultra-nourishing balm is sure to hydrate and penetrate deep into your skin. Carrying many anti-inflammatory and healing properties, this butter balm has endless uses.

Some of the many uses of our butter balm are (but not limited to): infant/child eczema preventing stretch marks (perfect for that growing belly of yours, mama!) healing cuts/burns (perfect for sunburn) deeply nourishing hand cream lip moisturizer after-shave (perfect for preventing red bumps on that bikini line) overnight face hydration massage lotion split end mender (a tiny bit goes a long way)

Handmade in Wisconsin!

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