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Sustainable Living Eco-Friendly Starter Kit - Earth Day

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If you know someone who is living a sustainable lifestyle, a great gift idea would be something that encourages them to continue doing so. You could look for gifts that help the environment, such as reusable items like reusable bags, bamboo cutlery and more. 

Our eco-friendly gift set is packed with sustainable products that help us to cut down plastic use. This box will encourage to practice reuse and recycle. We even went a mile and added forest for future - Plant a tree kit. Let's celebrate Earth day in style!


  • Forest for our future tress kit - Every sales will help to plant a tree
  • Reusable organic cotton market bag
  • Reusable organic mess produce bag set - medium and large
  • Bamboo cutlery set - with fork, knife, spoon, straw, chopstick, coconut fiber straw cleaner and cotton storage bag
  • Natural laundry soap bar

All the products in this thoughtful box are from women owned businesses. 

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