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Custom- Corporate Gifting Process at JNJ Gifts and More

Discover our efficient corporate gifting process at JNJ Gifts and More. From initial consultation to seamless delivery, our streamlined steps ensure memorable impressions. Let's explore our process today and elevate your custom corporate gifting experience.

Custom Corporate Gifting Process at JNJ Gifts and More:

1, Initial Meeting:  

  • During the initial meeting, we prioritize understanding the client's requirements and gathering every relevant detail.
  • We engage in a comprehensive conversation to: Gain insights into the client's vision and goals, ensuring we capture their intentions effectively.
  • Determine the purpose and desired outcome of the gifts, whether it's to foster employee engagement, strengthen client relationships, or promote the brand.
  • Collect specific information, such as the occasion, recipient demographics, budget constraints, and preferred delivery timeline.
  • Discuss themes, personalization options, and any specific branding or messaging requirements.

2, Designing:

  • The designing phase is critical in bringing the client's vision to life.
  • We collaborate with our suppliers and graphic designers to: Source products that align with the client's brand values and desired outcomes.
  • Work closely with our graphic designer to design custom gift boxes that reflect the client's aesthetic preferences and brand identity.
  • Present the client with three design options digitally, ensuring their creative input and satisfaction.
  • Iterate and refine the design based on client feedback until the final design is approved.
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  • Once the client selects a preferred gift box design, we initiate the sourcing process.
  • This involves: Collecting payment from the client to secure the order.
  • Procuring the selected products from our trusted suppliers, considering factors such as quality, sustainability, and alignment with the client's brand values.
  • Acknowledging that sourcing timelines may vary (2-8 weeks) based on order quantity and availability, particularly when working with small-batch makers.
  • Ordering necessary shipping supplies, such as outer boxes, gift boxes, crinkle paper, and packing materials.


  • Efficient shipping and delivery are key to ensuring a seamless gifting experience.
  • Our shipping process involves: Gathering complete recipient details and any additional instructions required for proper packaging and delivery.
  • Professionally packing the orders, ensuring the utmost care and attention to detail.
  • Coordinating with our shipping company to monitor the packages' progress and ensuring on-time delivery.
  • Taking responsibility for any shipping or transit damage issues and promptly resolving them, including reshipping orders if necessary.
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5, Feedback:

  • We value our clients' feedback and continuously strive to improve our services.
  • We send follow-up communication to the client, requesting feedback on their gifting experience.
  • Encourage open and honest feedback regarding the gift selection, presentation, and overall satisfaction.
  • Utilize the feedback received to refine our processes, enhance the quality of our gifts, and provide an even better experience for future engagements.

Mission: Our mission is to help businesses celebrate life's moments by offering a wide selection of high-quality handmade Wisconsin gifts and customizable corporate gift boxes that leave a lasting impression.

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