Employee appreciation gift ideas

Ditch the Mugs! Wow Your Employees with Unique, Giftable Appreciation Experiences

Tired of impersonal mugs and gift cards? Let's face it, traditional employee appreciation gifts often fall flat. This year, step up your game and create lasting memories with unique experiences that truly resonate and show your team you care.

Why experiences matter:

Studies show that memorable experiences, not just material possessions, drive employee engagement and happiness. Think beyond ordinary treats and goodies: we source premium delights from small businesses, creating a sensory feast and an unforgettable shared experience for your team and with their family like Sunday morning brunch with our breakfast in a box or at home spa time with their friends with our relax and rest box. 

But where do you start?

Introducing JNJ Gifts and More - Your One-Stop Shop for Unforgettable Employee Appreciation:

Forget generic museum passes or predictable restaurant outings. We offer a curated selection of experiences, from exciting team adventures to relaxing spa retreats, all tailored to diverse interests and budgets.

What Makes Us Different?

  1. Beyond the Mundane: Our boxes go far beyond the typical mug or gift card. We offer a variety of themed boxes packed, image at home spa retreat, family fun movie time or Sunday morning breakfast. 
  2. Something for Everyone: From gourmet treats and eco-friendly essentials to relaxation sets and productivity boosters, we have options for every personality and passion.
  3. Personalized Touch: Add a handwritten note or custom message to make your gift even more special.

Unwrap Unforgettable Moments:
Here's a glimpse into our unique boxes:

The Gratitude Box: It's curated with a selection of gourmet treats and artisan goods that are sure to delight your employees.

Here's a peek inside:

Premium coffee: Kickstart their day with a delicious cup of gourmet coffee.
Eco-friendly reusable travel mug: Encourage sustainability and convenience with a stylish mug.
Award-winning chocolate: Indulge their sweet tooth with a decadent treat.
Artisan cookies: Homemade sweetness is always a crowd-pleaser.
Personalized "thank you" leather coaster: A thoughtful touch that shows appreciation.
Cozy Turkish blanket: Wrap them in comfort and warmth.

Gratitude gifts for employees

Wellness & Productivity BoxFeatures items to help them relax, recharge, and stay focused like an LED humidifier, wireless charger, therapy play dough, reusable water bottle, bamboo notebook, and never-ending pencil. 

Work from home employee gift box

Eco-Friendly Starter Kit: Perfect for the sustainability-conscious, this box includes a market bag, produce keepers, a tree-planting kit, beeswax wraps, laundry detergent sheets, and travel bamboo utensils.

sustainable living gift box for employees

Sleep & Relaxation Box: Promote restful nights with a silk pillowcase and eye mask, sleep spray, vegan hand cream, and herbal tea.

Still not convinced?

Our Boxes Deliver More Than Gifts, They Deliver Lasting Experiences:

Forget the impersonal – our curated boxes explode with visual delight from the moment they open. Imagine the stunning presentation sparking joy, followed by the discovery of premium products that pamper and indulge. These aren't your grocery store treats – each bite, sip, or touch delivers a luxurious feeling they'll remember. And the grand finale? A personalized message, handwritten or video, adding a heartfelt touch that seals the deal. We take care of everything, making it effortless for you to create experience is meticulously chosen to spark joy, foster appreciation, and boost employee engagement.

Ready to Create Lasting Memories?

Explore our website to discover a wider range of experiences and find the perfect fit for your team. Remember, personalized experiences are key to employee appreciation. Show your team you value them with gifts that go beyond the ordinary and create unforgettable moments they'll cherish.

Contact us today and let us help you design an appreciation experience that truly wows your employees!

Contact : Jerina

email: jerina@jnjgiftsandmore.com

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