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Map | Lakes Of Wisconsin

Map | Lakes Of Wisconsin

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Introducing the Lakes of Wisconsin Hand-Drawn Map – a special creation by Wisconsin Artist Jesse that showcases all the beautiful lakes in Wisconsin. This map is a perfect gift for birthdays, holiday, or anyone who loves lakes, cabins, or Wisconsin.

Printed on special paper that won't age, this map can even be put in a frame and hung up as a decoration. It's a good size, about 17 inches tall and 11 inches wide. Measures 17" x11"

What makes this map even more awesome is that Artist Jesse personally hand-drew it. Every lake is drawn with care, making it really unique. So, whether you're into lakes, cabins, or simply have a soft spot for Wisconsin, this map is a fantastic choice. Get ready to explore the beauty of Wisconsin's lakes and add a touch of charm to your space with this wonderful map!

Pair this map with our lake wooden signs. Great gift as realtor closing gift while supporting local artist in the process.

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